Privacy Policy

Here are the most important things we do to keep your privacy and security:

  • No cookies, to minimize traces in web browser
  • No hard drives on our web servers, to protect against hard drive leakage and to protect against persistant backdoor/trojans
  • Anonymous email header, no personal IP-addresses inside the header
  • No IP-logging, our server does not log IP-addresses
  • We only use strong open source algorithms
  • Personal data or individual account data is never shared or sold
  • Email data (body & attachments) are always stored in encrypted form
  • We do not collect any data from our users, the only time we store some data is the first 14 days of your payment date, after 14 days, we remove most sensitive information and only store the data that is needed for the accounting, such as the product you bought, the amount, the payment method, the date and the country. So after 14 days:
    no Name, no Address, no State, no Phone, no Card numbers and no Secondary email

Please read our Terms of Use here:

You must read and agree to our Terms of Use later anyway, when you register the email account.

Trusted applications

We only use certified protocols and applications. OpenPGP is one of the most secure encryption protocols in the world.

Last update

Jun 24, 2022 (ChangeLog)



Changed request limiter of Secure Forms


Info about the attack.


Improved the HTML email sanitizer. Read more


Updated one FAQ about email decryption


Updated one FAQ about session problems


Improved the Secure Forms,Read more


Increased security for fake domain/links and some other things.


Updated our Secure Forms feature. Read more


Updated our XMPP chat server, and some other things.


Added a domain spell check


Registration is open, with invite code requirement


Changed our Terms of Use


Changed Trial accounts restrictions, read more.


Opened up for all !


Open website for Beta-testers